Peter Chamberlain Photographer. Surfer.

It all started in black & white.  GCSE's at school with a pentax film camera, Ilford film, no autofocus, no LCD screen, just the excitement of your image coming out at you.  Like a ghost in the dark room.

Lots of time has passed since that introduction to the world of photography, but the addiction is still alive and kicking.

A few years ago i decided to ditch the boredom of building sites and combine my love for surfing with my love of photography.

I love the first look, the first look you see on people's face's when you bring there image to life, wether its smashing the lip on a wave or the newly weds first dance.

Wedding photography is a great pleasure to capture. The aim is to make your wedding day special and more memorable by making photography a fun part of your wonderful day.

Surf photography is always a joy to combine my love for the ocean with my passion for photography. Is there a down side?  Its pumping… do you surf or shoot?